About Us

Infinite Solutions LLC was created by combining the expertise of two organizations with over 70 years of combined experience in electrical solutions and condition monitoring solutions.  The goal is to provide Federal, State and Local government organizations and corporations with quality solutions by providing a cost effective broad range of services, training and products.  This is achieved through the combination of superb technology and the many years of experience by our people and partners.

Infinite Solutions is a majority owned Disabled Veteran business and whenever possible hires or contracts with qualified veterans and minority personnel.  Our goal is always to support those people that other companies seem to abandon!

Infinite Solutions has sought out and partnered with companies we believe represent the best the industry has to offer. With the products and services these companies bring to the market, we are able to seek out and tailor cost effective solutions which best meet our customer's needs.

The manufacturers, Service and Product partners that Infinite Solutions represent are all proven leaders in their fields and together with Infinite Solutions look to provide exceptional support to our customers. These partnerships are founded on a mutual philosophy of supplying a great product and quality service at a fair market price. "Having the integrity to do what's right no matter what, is a part of who we are."

With our network of products, services, and teaming partners, we strive to foster long term relationships with our customers by always providing them with "A Quality Solution".                              

Phone: (970) 776 -9022 / Fax: (866) 223-0800 / e-mail: sales@infinite-solutions.us

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